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If you want to make your business grow with or without your involvement and time, get in touch with us. We will provide you the solution for your business automation to achieve the goals your set for your business success. We are here to help you with our best and most advanced technology to achieve it at IFF.

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We always try to deliver more than what our clients expect from us.

Software Development

We provide industry-based customized software and CRMs, ERPs to make your work and access more productive, utilizable and accessible.

Database Management

The database is the most valuable for a business's growth and development. A company can plan the project-based scope of its business for the future.

Web Development

In web development, we are providing a range of types of Website Designing and Development, Reconstruction and E-Commerce solutions.

Server and Hosting

Hosting is a place to locate files and docs to make these accessible on the internet. We have SSL Certified and Firewall protected servers to secure the data and fast access to end user.

Technical Support

If you are looking for any kind of technical support for any of your software, web application or algorithmic solution, we are here to help you with the best solution for the requirement.

IoT Solutions Architect

We provide solutions and architecture for the IoT, the network of physically connected objects to exchange data with devices over the Internet with the help of software or technology.

Product Development

Ideas create innovation. If you are having a creative and new idea that can work and get the attention of society and you want to make it happen, the IFF team is here to help you to make it into existence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our mission is to put automation in every sector of daily life as much as possible we can do, whether it is a small or a big, industry or home automation. We focused to make all the processes take place in autopilot mode.

UI Mode Development

A good solution or a great idea can not be successful until it does not have the right user interface for the end users. If it is not easily accessible, easy to use and understandable for the end user, all the great things broke down there.

Quality and Perfection focus is our first priority

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Rise of technology for better Future.

Technology is playing a very important role in Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, Communication, Digitalization and Innovation etc. At IFF we connect you and your business with technology to grow more.


Great Empire & with good passions.

To grow your business, it must be updated with time. If your business is not upgrading with technology, your business will lose its status, client base and market value. IFF helps you to grow and stay updated in business.




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